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Top 10 Marketing Tools For Small Business

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There are hundreds of digital marketing tools for small businesses and they all offer something that can be useful for small business marketing. Here we go through ten of the best that have a variety of features to grow your business and expand your reach. 


Moosend is one of the most popular digital marketing tools for small businesses – it features email marketing automation, subscription forms, the ability to create landing pages and analytics-driven email newsletters. Alongside lead generation and list validation tools, Moosend also offers integration with CMS, CRM and eCommerce, WooCommerce, Salesforce, Zapier, Facebook Lead Ads and more.

There is a free version – the tiered version starts at around $8 (£6 approx.) per month for five team members. Additional Moosend features include:

  • Email templates 

  • User-friendly interface

  • Reports and analytics 


This intuitive online marketing tool helps small businesses expand their reach and increase their email subscriber numbers. Improve your email list with multiple special forms, including inline forms and pop-ups with templates that can be integrated with your website. You can also use SendX to create landing pages and use the WYSIWYG email editor to design emails without any HTML knowledge.

SendX costs $7.49 (£5 approx.) per month billed annually. Other SendX features include:

  • Email drip sequences 

  • Audience segmentation 

  • Optimised email campaigns 


HubSpot has a lot of tools to help increase conversion rates, including those focused on marketing and sales as well as customer service. It offers analytics reports, lead capture forms and kickback, and you can create thank-you emails.

The free version is limited, but paid plans range up to $3,200 (£2,250 approx.) per month for enterprise. Hubspot also features:

  • Email tracking

  • Meeting scheduler 

  • Live chat with customers


You can easily integrate Proof into your website by downloading their pixel, and copy and pasting it into a web page or CRM. It will then allow you to display your social proof on your website, which is a psychological phenomenon where people copy the actions of others.

Tiered pricing starts at $24 (£17 approx.) per month,but it depends on how much traffic your website receives. Proof lets you display:

  • Social media posts and reviews

  • Live visitor counts

  • Video testimonials 


Trello is an excellent collaboration tool for multiple small business purposes, including digital marketing. You can brainstorm content and use the calendar tool to create and share ideas between teams and individuals. You can also use Trello to plan your content using the marketing campaign tool.

Trello’s free version is basic, and there is a tiered pricing scheme, with the top enterprise tier starting at $42 (£30 approx.) per month. Trello features include:

  • Project status updates

  • Instruction recorder

  • Task assignment 


BuzzSumo is a digital marketing tool for small businesses that helps them connect and partner with relevant influencers. If you are not certain how to contact your target audience, then BuzzSumo gives you access to a database of top influencers in any particular field of expertise who you can then affiliate with for a mutually beneficial relationship.

The free plan is limited, with the paid plans starting at $79 (£55 approx.) per month if paid annually. BuzzSumo features include:

  • View trending topics

  • Trend analytics

  • Content analysis


Pepipost is a cloud-based email service for creating and sending special emails such as newsletters, notifications and updates. The extra special aspect of Pepipost is its rapid email delivery, typically under five seconds. Pepipost’s scalable servers technically allow you to send billions of emails every hour.

There is a free version. Tiered pricing depends on email volume, starting at $25 (£18 approx.) per month for 150,000 emails. Pepipost features include:

  • AI-optimised inboxing 

  • AI-optimised backend 

  • Easy integration with custom apps

Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you track and analyse all of your customer data to inform your digital marketing campaigns. It is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools for small businesses and yet remains easy to use and is very customisable.

Smaller businesses can make good use of the free standard version of Google Analytics. The massively advanced Google Analytics 360 is aimed at much larger companies and costs $150,000 (£105,000 approx.). Google Analytics includes:

  • Traffic reports

  • Demographic analytics

  • Visitor behaviour analysis

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a data collection tool that offers important insights into the behaviour of your customers through a variety of tests and analytics reports. Discover what pages customers most frequently visit and for how long, and identify pages and content that is not performing well.

Crazy Egg has a variety of pricing plans, starting at $24 (£17 approx.) per month. Other Crazy Egg features include:

  • A/B testing tools

  • Scroll and heat maps

  • User session recordings

Survey Anyplace

Create customisable surveys with Survey Anyplace to inform your small business marketing campaigns and increase conversions. Survey Anyplace has streamlined the survey creation process and optimised it for the mobile experience. 

There is a limited free version, with the enterprise paid plans starting at $42 (£30 approx.) per month. Features include:

  • Visual emphasis

  • Insight integration

  • Mobile-friendly

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