The SaaS Churn Bible – eBook in association with Chargify

Everything US businesses need to know about identifying and combating churn.

The SaaS churn bible

In the simplest form, churn is the result of paying customers becoming non-paying customers, but there is much more to churn than meets the eye.

Understanding the different types of churn, ways to quantify it, and actionable steps to reduce it can literally make or break a SaaS company.

This report, takes an in depth look at the different types of Churn, the impact on your SaaS business’s bottom line, and the strategies for reducing churn and increasing customer satisfaction.

Download the eBook to find out:

  • The difference between voluntary and involuntary churn
  • Different ways to calculate and quantify churn metrics
  • Actionable ways to combat both voluntary and involuntary churn — now and over time
  • Practical tips on managing churn from successful SaaS leaders

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