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How open banking simplifies income verification

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Last editedJan 20232 min read

Anyone looking to rent a home needs to present references to prove they can pay the rent, with open banking income verification now one of the quickest and easiest ways to do it.

Using open banking for income verification involves allowing approved and secure apps or services to view certain financial information via a one-time viewing access authorisation, which ends once the relevant information has been verified. It can replace the time-consuming traditional reference check which requires bank statements, payslips, tax documents and references from an employer or previous landlord. The speed at which an open banking income verification can take place benefits both renters and landlords, as this kind of reference check can often be completed within a single day.

The process is secure and needs the renter’s permission, with only the relevant information pre-agreed with the bank being made available to view by the approved third party. Such information usually includes income deposits and any rent or mortgage payments made over the last twelve months. The connection is then terminated permanently once the information has been verified.

What is income verification?

Income verification has always been a vital step in a variety of processes, particularly when it comes to renting a property or securing a loan. The traditional method has involved presenting multiple documents to verify that the applicant can indeed afford to pay for the item they are applying for. These documents include:

  • payslips or salary payment documents created by an employer

  • monthly bank statements

  • tax payment documents

Traditionally, these documents need to be printed out and presented in physical form, and more recently they can be presented digitally. Either way, the documents still need to be checked properly which takes time. Even then, they do not provide a complete picture, as a bank statement only shows the applicant’s bank activity from a single month while payslips and tax returns only show taxable income.

This is why income verification needs simplifying, with secure and safe open banking being the key as both landlords and renters can benefit from its simplified income verification process.

How landlords and renters can benefit from open banking income verification

There are numerous benefits of open banking, but first and foremost among them is security. Open banking is safe, thanks to the application programme interfaces (APIs) designed and built by the banks themselves. The APIs ensure that any third party wanting to access account information is approved and authorised.

Here are some more benefits of open banking income verification:

More complete income data

Many people these days have multiple revenue streams such as short-term contracted work, online freelancing websites and even ad revenue from social media content, as well as the likes of Airbnb. This means traditional payslips and tax payment documents do not necessarily provide a complete picture of an individual’s financial situation.

Open banking income verification provides secure access to the relevant account information so the landlord or lender can get a full overview of all incoming payments to the account.

Better credit assessment

As the open banking income verification checks relevant information over a longer period of time than traditional reference checks, it is a much more reliable credit assessment. The applicant can demonstrate that they are a reliable payer and that their income is consistent and long term.

A universal way to verify income, anywhere in the world

Open banking income verification enables landlords, lenders and business owners to verify account information from anyone with a bank account, once they have the account holder’s permission. This is regardless of their country of origin, thus it opens the door for global expansion, which is especially useful for small businesses looking to grow with international transactions.

We Can Help

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Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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