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How To Create A Presell Page with Examples

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Developing a new product is an exciting project, and savvy businesses know that preselling should be a part of the development process. Preselling can generate sales in advance of the product going live as well as motivate potential partners to get involved and help with its development.

What is preselling?

A presale is simply a sale made before the product is actually available. It is used to generate hype for a new product, as well as get the sales ball rolling in advance of the product going live. It also provides useful insight into the market for the product, either revealing strong demand or not.

It is important to be upfront about the availability of the product, especially if it is still in early development. In fact, it can be highly beneficial to be completely open about the nascent development, as this may encourage another business to want to get involved. For example, if your product solves a problem for them, they may want to get on board and help get the product live as soon as possible.

You can also use presell pages to offer trials or beta versions of the product. This can provide you with vital feedback for the final stages of development.

Presell page examples

There are a variety of ways you can create a presell landing page, including three popular methods worth highlighting. These popular presell page examples can be described as:

  • Click-Through

  • Lead Generation

  • Product Highlight

Let’s look at the purpose of each.

Click-through preselling

A click-through presell page example will promote a special offer via a button that the user clicks through to acquire. The offer could be any number of things from discounts to trials to freebies included with a product purchase. For example, a new product coming soon and available for pre-order can offer a 10% discount on the price if the customer orders now instead of waiting for it to go live. All the information on the offer will be on the page and the customer simply clicks through via a Buy Now-type button to immediately make their purchase.

Lead generation preselling

Another popular type of presell landing page is the lead generation presell example. There won’t necessarily be a Buy Now button on this type of page, but there will be fields for the user to enter their information such as their email. In return, as the page will explain, they can receive updates on the product’s availability as well as special offers that will be sent to them.

It is also possible to combine a click-through page with a lead generation page, although you risk overloading the page with information. Landing pages are much more effective when highly focused on the product or service which brought the user there in the first place.

Product highlight presell page

Highlighting your product in unique ways can be an excellent way to presell it. You can also create highly specific presell landing pages that help users locate a very particular product. This is useful if you sell many products, and this means the user would usually have to search within your website for the particular item they want.

A clothing store, for example, can have presell landing pages dedicated to formal dress shirts with easy navigation to certain colours or fabrics. You can also have click-through options for accessories that go with the highlighted product, such as neckties and cufflinks in this example.

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