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4 Best Contactless Payment Apps

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The way we pay for our purchases is changing. Accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are choosing to shop at online stores to avoid social contact. That’s not to say that people don’t go to physical stores anymore, but they do tend to use contactless payment methods, whether through a mobile E-Wallet or using a contactless credit or debit card. Essentially, we are moving into an increasingly cashless society.

If you want to keep up with this trend, then you should consider which contactless payment app works best for you. They can vary in terms of their ease of use, credit card fees and security features, so make sure to research carefully before making your mind up. Keep reading to find out our 4 best contactless payment apps.

Apple Pay

With Apple dominating the world of mobile phones, it’s no surprise to see Apple Pay in this list of visa contactless payment apps. You can use all different kinds of bank cards and link these to Apple Pay, and quickly access the app with a simple touch gesture when you’re at the checkout. As an added bonus, you can also connect your desktop Mac to Apple Pay and use the same system for making online payments.

In terms of security, Apple Pay is supported by NFC technology, an acronym for Near-Field Communications. This means that your payment information can be transferred simply by placing your phone near the contactless reader, and information is highly encrypted to ensure your data stays safe.

Google Pay

Even if you don’t have an iPhone, there are plenty of contactless payment apps. Android users can download a variety of different apps, and Google Pay is a great contactless payment service which is also supported by NFC technology for your ease and security. The app was formerly known as Android Pay, and it is accepted by most major retailers.

Google Pay is a great contactless payment app as it also allows users to make peer-to-peer transactions in some countries - namely, the US, India, and Singapore, as well as pay for in-app and online purchases. Bear in mind that, as with other contactless payment apps, users of the peer-to-peer service in those countries will also have to pay fees to move money between their G Pay balance and their credit or debit cards.

Samsung Pay

Just like the other big tech companies, Samsung has its own payment service known as Samsung Pay, which is also supported by NFC as well as the older MST (Magnetic Secure Transaction) technology. This means that you can also use it at older POS terminals that use magnetic stripe reading technology. This E-Wallet solution is a great contactless payment app as it has an integrated rewards programme for both credit and debit cards

Cash App (by Square)

Provided by the fintech giants Square, Cash App is a third-party payment app that allows you to link up your debit card or even purchase or make transactions using Bitcoin as a payment currency. Just like with Apple and Google Pay, the app keeps a separate balance from your main bank account, and debits are deducted from this amount. One interesting feature is the ability to make payments to other Cash App users under an alias, allowing you to protect your anonymity.

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