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GoCardless is the simpler way to accept Direct Debit Find out more

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Our tips on making payments work for you

How to set up customers to use Direct Debit

Merchants often ask us for help getting their customers set up to use Direct Debit, so we've put together six simple steps that you can use to help them through the process.

Can you use Direct Debit for variable or one-off payments?

Direct Debit is pretty versatile and the same things that make it great for regular, fixed payments can also make it great for one-off and variable payments too.

The Direct Debit Guarantee: your rights as a customer

The Direct Debit Guarantee protects customers against payments made in error or fraudulently, making Direct Debit the UK's safest payment method.

Football clubs: could Direct Debit increase your fanbase?

A few football clubs have started offering Direct Debit as a way for fans to spread their costs and make season tickets more affordable.

Direct Debit: The most valuable payment option for charities?

Last year, 58 million donations totalling £1.1 billion were made to UK charities using Direct Debit - more than any other payment method.

Clubs and societies: Are you using the right payment method?

A lot of clubs and teams are using the wrong payment method to collect their membership fees. To help you decide whether your club is using the right payment option we’ve put together a list of three quick questions for you.

Clubs and societies: 4 simple ways to save time and do what you love

Managing a club or society is a lot of work – that’s before you even get to deciding on teams, formations or tactics. Here are our four top tips on cutting down some of this unwanted admin so you can get back to the activities you really love.

Late payments: 5 tips to get your customers to pay on time

One in four companies are also spending more than 10 hours a week chasing late payments. To help you spend more of your time on the things you love,we’ve put together our top five tips for dealing with late payments.

Landlords: 5 Secrets To Ensuring Your Tenants Pay On Time Every Month

As a landlord, it's absolutely vital to collect your rent payments on time each month. So what can you do if your tenants aren't paying on time? We've put together our top five tips for getting your tenants to pay their rent on time.