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Merchant of the Month: Laundry Republic

Laundry Republic

It's exciting to watch startups disrupt existing industries, and Laundry Republic don't disappoint. We've chosen them as our first Merchant of the Month for 2013.

Busy professionals can't always reach the dry cleaners within working hours. Laundry Republic solve this issue by offering a 24/7 service via secure lockers and concierges in premium buildings.

What sets them apart from the crowd is their use of mobile technology and online payments to maximise efficiency.

David Lambert, CEO of Laundry Republic, explains the benefits of GoCardless:

GoCardless saves us time and money. They charge less than half what we pay our card provider, and with pre-authorizations we're in control of when we get paid. We also see far fewer failed payments and a checkout conversion rate of over 80%, which is very good. In short, it's a no-brainer for services like ours.

Direct Debit is perfect for recurring payments. Laundry Republic use our API which is ideal for merchants who want to integrate with their website.

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Merchant of the Month: Has Bean Coffee

Has Bean Coffee

One of the nicest things about having businesses as GoCardless customers is that we get to see the great use they make of the service. Our 'Merchant of the Month' programme recognises and thanks some of our favourite customers each month for being so awesome.

For December 2012, we've selected Has Bean Coffee, who sell coffee beans and coffee-making equipment online. They've been using GoCardless since November 2011 via KashFlow to collect payments from their wholesale customers conveniently and affordably.

We had been looking for years to find some way of taking Direct Debits. GoCardless have looked after us so much. I need systems that just work and this is what GoCardless gives us.

Stephen Leighton, Managing Director of Has Bean

They also offer coffee subscriptions, and are working on an integration with our API to allow them to take payments for these each month via Direct Debit for a fee of just 1%.

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