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Squeegee has enjoyed exponential growth since launching in 2018, thanks to a winning combination of outstanding product features and automated payments powered by GoCardless.



Business management app for the field service industry

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GoCardless payment success rate.

2 weeks

to implement the GoCardless integration.

Squeegee customers clean up with GoCardless

Squeegee is an app that helps field services businesses schedule work, issue invoices and collect payments. Since launching, continuous – and ongoing – development has seen the number of features multiply and its customer base grow exponentially.

Now a platform that provides route optimisation, franchising and marketing tools all in real-time, Squeegee has thousands of customers of all sizes – from local to global – with daily active users in more than 30 countries.

“Automation is key to the value Squeegee creates – we keep operations moving swiftly and smoothly by enabling job updates to flow from workers in the field to the back office,” said Susie Bishop, COO, Squeegee. “Customers love us because we save them a tonne of admin and staffing costs, while streamlining their cash flow.” 

The natural choice for cash flow acceleration

A key feature of Squeegee’s cash flow acceleration capabilities is its integration with GoCardless, something it has offered since day one.

“GoCardless is a recognised global provider with a great reputation in the field service industry – they were the natural choice for our direct bank payments,” said Susie. “The integration has enabled us to take the admin-busting features of GoCardless and seamlessly make them a feature of our own product.”

In practice, that means Squeegee customers that get paid with GoCardless can simply tick off completed jobs in the app to automatically trigger SMS or email invoicing, payment collection and then financial reconciliation. The time saved ramps up sharply as customers grow.

“One customer that gets paid with GoCardless started with Squeegee as a single-user window cleaner, and today they have more than 20 franchise businesses,” said Susie. “And another business owner once said to me ‘I've got my life back! I'm able to spend time with my wife and kids, instead of working 24/7.’”

90%+ payment success rate

Squeegee customers can also accept one-off and recurring card payments, or use the app’s BACS reconciliation service. But these payment methods can’t get near GoCardless when it comes to payment success rate.

“The payment success rate with GoCardless is more than 90%, which is extremely high compared to other payment methods,” said Susie. “Customers get notified when a charge is coming up, meaning they’re always prepared. And, unlike cards, bank accounts don’t expire – they almost never change, in fact.”

That means GoCardless generates next to no support-based overheads for Squeegee, while its customers spend less time chasing clients for payment.

“We truly can trust GoCardless to enhance our customer experience without creating any extra work for us,” said Susie. “The payment success rate has helped us recruit new customers, too. It really resonates when we say, ‘We can grow your business together – you’re going to save loads of time on routine, boring admin tasks thanks to GoCardless.’”

Integrated in two weeks

According to Ed Bishop, Co-founder and CTO at Squeegee, the integration with the GoCardless API was very straight-forward.

“They follow industry standard best practices for API design and implementation so we have had no issues adding it to the Squeegee platform,” he said.

The entire integration was up and running in around 2 weeks and we have only had to make minor changes to it based on changes or improvements to the workflow over the years.

It only takes a few clicks to get going with GoCardless

Activating GoCardless is an easy lift for Squeegee customers, which again keeps support requirements low.

“Squeegee customers can activate GoCardless in just a few clicks from the settings menu, and the training videos from GoCardless take care of most queries,” said Susie. “Users can then onboard their own customers through simple invitation links or tokens embedded in their own comms.”

This ease of use combined with reliability has seen a large number of Squeegee customers make GoCardless their only payment option.

“Many Squeegee users now turn away customers that won’t sign up to pay automatically with GoCardless,” said Susie. “They also report back that it only tends to be the bad payers that push back – yet another great selling point for GoCardless.” 

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