“Taking payments with GoCardless costs us less than half the price of using PayPal and the integration with TeamUp has reduced our admin”

Geoff StewartFounder, Momentum Training & Crossfit Hackney

Key benefits

Full integration with TeamUp reduces admin hassles, while saving money compared to PayPal

Company name

Momentum Training & Crossfit Hackney


Providing fun and intelligent fitness training for everyone

Number of employees

10 employees

Previous payment provider


Partner integration

Uses GoCardless for Teamup

Time saved using GoCardless

Significant time saved on admin

Whipping London into shape

Momentum Training and CrossFit Hackney is one of the leading Crossfit gyms in the UK. Since opening in May 2013 it has grown to over 250 regular members and is currently looking at opening another site. Before GoCardless, Momentum used PayPal to collect its membership fees. But the business needed a cheaper alternative that was easier to integrate with the existing membership system.

Geoff Stewart, founder of Momentum Training and CrossFit Hackney explains, “PayPal fees were relatively high and it was difficult to integrate, so our developers were keen to find a cheaper and easier alternative.”

Switching to GoCardless

In the quest for a suitable solution Momentum came across TeamUp, a specialist management platform for fitness businesses, which recommended Momentum use GoCardless to collect payments. It took just minutes to get started.

GoCardless was super easy to integrate. With PayPal we needed a developer to get us set up but we were able to get set up with GoCardless ourselves."

Momentum Training and CrossFit Hackney now collects its recurring membership fees using GoCardless, while using GoCardless and Stripe for one-off payments.

Since using TeamUp and GoCardless, Momentum Training and Crossfit Hackney has been able to significantly reduce the time spent on admin. The costs of taking payments from members have also been reduced – savings that can go towards driving further growth and improving the business.

The benefits

Geoff explains: “Taking payments with GoCardless costs us less than half the price of using PayPal and the integration with TeamUp has definitely reduced our admin – particularly for dealing with failed payments. It used to be a complicated process to work out which payments had failed and to retry them.”

“With GoCardless and TeamUp any failed payments show up on our dashboard each month and we just need to press a button to retry them instantly. What’s more, since moving to TeamUp and GoCardless our payment failures are lower than they were before – even though our members have more than doubled.”

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