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Has Bean Coffee

“GoCardless gives us control over when we get paid and takes away the uncomfortable conversations about money.”

Steve Leighton, Founder, Has Bean Coffee

Has Bean Coffee


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Bringing the world's finest coffee to the UK

Once upon a time, Hasbean founder Steve Leighton worked at an all-night petrol station. Having always loved freshly brewed coffee, he started making it not only to stay awake, but also to forge friendships with the other night workers. Steve’s passion for coffee soon led him to open a small coffee shop, with setting up a website to sell coffee beans being the next logical step after that. Hasbean was born.

Hasbean is now a major supplier of high quality coffee to the retail and wholesale industries. In an industry with lead times of up to a year, it is crucial for the business to maintain strong cash flow.

With cafés often strapped for cash, customers would often pay their invoices up to four months late. This drove Hasbean crazy. But the business was growing so fast and things were so busy that Steve felt compelled to keep sending out coffee to customers even when they had long overdue invoices. Because of this, he was left with uncertain cash flow and numerous bad debtors.

Customers paying invoices up to 4 months late drove us crazy.

Today, Hasbean uses GoCardless integrated with the accounting software, KashFlow. Now, the company can send out Direct Debit requests with invoices to all its wholesale customers. As soon as an invoice becomes due, payment can automatically be taken from the customer.

Now we can automatically take payment when issuing invoices.

Switching to GoCardless

As a bonus, the seamless integration of GoCardless with Kashflow means that these payments are automatically reconciled in the Hasbean accounts. Since making the switch, Hasbean's average payment period has been reduced from 62 days to 41. The business cash flow has improved by 30%.

The benefits

Thanks to its use of GoCardless, Hasbean is now in control of when client payments are received. This move has vastly improved cashflow and helped the company keep uncomfortable conversations about money to a minimum.

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