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Chris Hooper

3 min readGoCardless

Five questions for GoCardless president Paul Stoddart

Get to know GoCardless' new president and learn about his plans for the future

2 min readOpen Banking

What is bank pay? Everything you need to know

Learn about bank pay and how it's going to revolutionise payments.

2 min readFinance

Open Banking Apps Explained

A simple explanation of the benefits of open banking and open banking apps.

2 min readAlternative Payment Options

How to Set Up a Payment Link

Create custom payment links for your website, newsletter, or email campaign.

7 min readOpen Banking

Trailblazers and latecomers: open banking around the world

Which countries are leading the way in open banking development?

6 min readGlobal Payments

Guide to ACH return codes

What happens if an ACH payment is returned? Find out right here.

4 min readSubscription

7 subscription metrics you need to be tracking in 2020

LTV. Churn. MRR. What else are you missing?

5 min readBacs

A Complete Guide to Bacs Payments

A guide on Bacs payments in the UK: everything you need to know about Direct Debit, Bacs Direct Credit, CHAPS and Faster Payments.


BECS Direct Debit New Zealand

A user guide for Direct Debit in New Zealand.



A comprehensive guide to Direct Debit in Denmark.


Bg Autogiro

How to collect Direct Debit payments in Sweden.


Direct Debit: a beginner's guide

Everything you wanted to know about Direct Debit.

6 min readPayments

Secure payments: How to safely take payments online

Customers need to be able to trust you with their payment info. Here's how.

2 min readBacs

Bacs approved bureaus

This guide walks you through what a Bacs approved bureau is and the benefits and reasons for using one.

3 min readBacs

How to use Bacstel-IP

Bacstel-IP, Bacs approved software and the Bacs payment services website.

2 min readDirect Debit

The Direct Debit Guarantee: your rights as a customer

The Direct Debit Guarantee protects customers against payments made in error or fraudulently, making Direct Debit the UK's safest payment method.

3 min readPayments

Clubs and societies: Are you using the right payment method?

A lot of clubs and teams are using the wrong payment method to collect their membership fees. To help you decide whether your club is using the right payment option we’ve put together a list of three quick questions for you.

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