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GoCardless for CPL Software

End late payments

GoCardless puts you in control of collecting invoice payments directly from your customers’ bank accounts

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End late payments
End late payments

Collect customer payments. Automatically.

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    Lower-cost alternative to cards

    Bank-to-bank payments cut out the costs of card networks. The automation also reduces the cost of chasing payments. GoCardless lowers the total cost to accept recurring payments by 56%

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    Improved customer experience

    Automated payment collection and high success rates mean that you can focus on the customer experience, not chasing up late payments.

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    Predictable payment

    Cut out the stress of guesswork. Know exactly when you'll get paid and see immediately if a payment has failed. Make confident decisions based on predictable income.

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    Less admin

    Save hours on collections and bookkeeping. Easily set up and automate collection of payments, so you can minimise your financial admin.

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How it works

Vinnie Goldie, CFO, Newton Property Management

GoCardless will make life simpler for customers while freeing staff from literally days of admin time spent manually processing and reconciling payments.

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