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[Webinar] An introduction to fintech for small businesses: Finance and challenger banks

Do you still find financing or banking a hassle in your business? With fintech, they don't have to be. We spoke with the Small Business Commissioner, Capital on Tap, and Tide to show you how.

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  • Pranav Sood, VP Small Business, GoCardless

  • Philip King, Small Business Commissioner

  • Zoe Newman, Head of International Expansion, Capital on Tap

  • Amit Kahana, MD of Tide Capital and VP of Credit, Tide

What's covered in this webinar

Understanding when you need financing, what kind suits your situation, and how to get it shouldn't be a mystery. And banking with your provider shouldn't be struggle - everything your business needs should be easily available to you.

Luckily, we've got the finance and banking experts of Capital on Tap and Tide to join this webinar, to help you understand how to identify these problems in your business, and the steps you can take today to start solving them.

You can watch this on-demand webinar recording right now.

More in this series

We teamed up with the Small Business Commissioner and expert special guests from around the financial technology ("fintech") industry to help small businesses in the UK understand:

  • The biggest problems you face in your order-to-cash cycle (covering every step from you doing the work through to getting the cash in your account)

  • The different kinds of fintech tools that can help at each stage, and how they work

Watch these on-demand webinars right now:

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