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How to Write Tradesman Invoice with Template

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Working as a handyman or tradesman can involve providing a variety of services with different tasks involved. It can be simple, but often there are multiple items you need to bill a client for. That's when invoicing gets more complex and a handyman invoice app becomes necessary.

You can view our free tradesman invoice template at the bottom of this article. First we will look at how you should prepare your invoice and what information you must include when billing a customer.

Preparing a tradesman invoice template

You can use ahandyman invoice app to prepare a template invoice which you can then use whenever you need to bill a customer. You want the invoice to look professional, so a printable handyman invoice template makes the task much easier.

Look to use a sober and professional-looking font that matches your branding, similar to how your company name is presented in your business logo. You also want to ensure the invoice is clearly marked as an invoice so there is no confusion as to what it is. This means ensuring the word 'invoice' is clearly written at the top of the document, and there is also a provision on the handyman invoice template to add a unique identification number to each and every invoice you send to a customer.

Your tradesman invoice template must also include both your company’s information and the details of the company you are invoicing. This means not only the company name, but also the business address and contact details. Also include a contact name for the customer you are billing wherever possible so the invoice does not get lost within your customer's internal administration.

Limited and VAT-registered company invoices

If your business is alimited company, you must also include your formal registered company name, registered office address and company registration number.

VAT-registered businesses also need to include their VAT registration number and

The tax point or time of supply if it differs from the invoice date. The VAT rate and total VAT charged must also be added to the invoice in cases where all billed items are charged at the same rate. In cases where different billed items have different VAT rates, each rate must be included alongside each item billed.

Completing and sending handyman invoices

Once you have used a handyman invoice app to prepare your tradesman invoice template, it is ready to fill out when you need to bill a customer. The next steps include:

  • listing all completed services

  • breaking down charges, including taxes

  • finalising the total amount due

  • making copies either physical or digital

  • sending the completed invoice to the customer

Always list every single item you are charging for on the invoice, especially when providing several services or performing multiple tasks. This includes your time spent performing the service and any materials used or purchased in order to complete the job.

Do not round up or generalise your charges for brevity's sake, as this makes it difficult for the customer to fully understand what they are paying for. There may also be a dispute which is much easier to resolve when each item charged for is clearly explained. This includes all due taxes.

Once you have broken down all the separate charges and taxes, add them all up and write the finalised total due to be paid at the bottom. You should then make copies either digital or physical before sending the invoice to the customer.

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Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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