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Webinar: How to eliminate churn to boost growth in Europe

Thursday 14 May, 11 am BST

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Chair Janice Tong

Some parts of an international expansion plan are more daunting than others. Understanding the financial and regulatory obligations of your target markets, how to comply, and what it may cost requires diligence and time. 

In this webinar, finance and legal experts from GoCardless will explain how to approach entering a new market; how far in advance you need to start planning; how to operationalise and learn from the mistakes you make; and what’s the right balance of building internal expertise versus using external support. x


  • Banking and payment partners - local knowledge vs global capability

  • Regulated services in a cross-border context

  • Establishing a legal ‘local’ presence 

  • Import/export licenses, restrictions and processes 

  • Tax implications of different entity status

  • Repatriation of revenue and FX fees

  • Intellectual property, technology and data protection law


  • Ahmed Badr, VP Legal

  • Catherine Birket, CFO

  • Nanna Saito Nielsen, Director of Banking Operations

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