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Latest articles

2 min readFinance

What Is Price Skimming?

Price skimming: boom or bust? Read on to find out.

2 min readAccountants

What Is Customer Profitability Analysis?

Discover how to perform a profitability analysis and help increase revenue.

2 min readFinance

What Is the IRS Form 4868?

IRS Form 4868 grants an automatic six-month extension for tax returns.

4 min readEnterprise

3 ways GoCardless reduces your time to get paid

Discover how GoCardless can help you maximize your cash flow.

3 min read

How to maintain cash flow across the customer lifecycle

Find out how to maximise your cash flow at every stage of the customer journey

2 min readFinance

Understanding Cost Benefit Analysis

Check out our cost benefit analysis definition and examples.

3 min readFinance

Balloon Payment Definition and Examples

What is a balloon payment and how does it work?

2 min readFinance

Understanding the Rule of 70

What is the rule of 70, and how can it help you make better investments?

2 min readFinance

What Is Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)?

Which deductions are considered when calculating adjusted gross income?

2 min readFinance

What Does Per Capita Mean?

Discover the meaning and uses of per capita in business and finance reports.


[On Demand Webinar] Simplifying payments in the subscription economy

Join GoCardless, Zuora and SiteMinder for a deep dive into how recurring payments are powering the subscription economy and how offering the right payment methods can supercharge growth.


[On-demand webinar] The road to success: introducing our new payment intelligence product

Watch our free webinar and discover how recurring payment intelligence can help reduce your payment failures.

WebinarCash flow

[Webinar] Improve cash flow and automate payments with Salesforce Quote to Cash

Learn how you can make the most of the Salesforce platform to transform customer engagement and payment collections.

3 min readFinance

Unsecured Loan Definition

Could an unsecured loan be right for you? Learn who’s eligible and the benefits.

2 min readFinance

What Are Confidence Intervals?

Learn how confidence intervals are used in statistics for greater accuracy.

2 min readFinance

Return on Investment (ROI) Definition

Figuring out how to calculate ROI can help with all investment decisions.

2 min readFinance

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

What is MACD, and how can it put you on the right track with investing?

2 min readFinance

Basic Attention Token Definition

BAT coin could change the face of digital advertising. Here’s how it works.

2 min readGoCardless

How to integrate with the GoCardless API

A step-by-step guide on how to integrate with the GoCardless API.

2 min readAccountants

What is a Long-term Liability?

We explain long-term liability and how it factors into your business finances

2 min readFinance

Accrued vs Deferred Revenue: Understanding the Difference

We explain the difference between accrued and deferred revenue & why it matters

2 min readAccountants

The billing process explained

Find out how the billing process works in detail

2 min readAccountants

Offset Definition & Examples

We explain how offsets work and provide practical examples

3 min readEnterprise

8 questions to ask when choosing your payment provider

How to judge if a payment provider is right for your business.

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