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How to Target Early Adopters

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Are you an entrepreneur or innovator with a great idea for a product or service? Once you’ve decided on what you’d like your business to offer, the next few steps can be a bit difficult. How can you ensure your new product or service’s success? Many new business owners also wonder how to target early adopters.

Luckily, there’s a well-established path from innovation to mass market success. With this information, you can develop your own go-to marketing strategy that will help you to target early adopters and get your new business off the ground. Keep reading to find out more about the early marketing of a new product or service and how to target early adopters.

What are early adopters?

The term ‘early adopters’ is most commonly used in the field of tech, but you’ll find it referenced in all different kinds of industries. It’s a response to the problem of how you can convince people to try your product or service without having any prior experience with it. Since humans tend to follow the crowd, it can be hard to attract these first users.

We can refer to the first users as ‘early adopters’, those who are the first to use a product or service as soon as it becomes available. They make up only around 13% of society, and so it can be tricky to successfully attract their attention.

Early adopters are not worried about following the crowd, but their opinions and choices are respected by those around them. That makes them highly influential consumers that can bring your company early customer success by attracting new customers. They can also be instrumental in testing your product and providing feedback, allowing you to make improvements before it goes mainstream.

How to target early adopters

One of the most important things to remember when figuring out how to target early adopters is that they don’t tend to talk about products or services. Instead, they tend to discuss their issues or problems that need resolving. That’s why your first step should be to focus strongly on the pain points that your product responds to and how you provide an effective solution.

Once you’ve got a good idea of your consumers’ issues and how you can resolve these, you’re ready to start looking for early adopters. Find the places where people are discussing these problems, such as online forums, blog posts or social media. You can do some research here and gain a better understanding of your target market.

When you’re pitching to potential new customers, try to avoid emphasizing your product or service and instead highlight the solutions to their issues. For example, if you were marketing a new food delivery service app, rather than discussing its ease of use and speed of delivery, you could instead talk about how they will have more time to relax in the evenings.

Why is targeting early adopters so important?

Now that you know how to target early adopters, you might be wondering why this is so important. In fact, it’s a crucial step to developing your product and opening up to a wider market.

Early adopters are extremely influential in their communities and are your key to quickly growing your product’s popularity. Not only this, they can provide you with important revenue during the early stages of your company and can also give you useful feedback that helps to improve your product.

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