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2 min readAccountants

Create a Professional Cleaning Service Invoice

Get paid promptly by creating a professional cleaning service invoice.

2 min readPayments

Guide to Retainer Fees

Retainer fees offer security for both freelancers and clients.

2 min readInvoicing

Guide to Travel Agency Invoices

Find out how to make a travel agency invoice here.

2 min readInvoicing

Guide to Digital Marketing Invoices

Digital marketing invoices are simple to create.

2 min readPayments

How Does the Check Clearing Process Work?

Discover the precise check clearing process steps.

2 min readPayments

What Is Check Clearing?

Find out the exact definition of check clearing.

2 min readFinance

How to Calculate Standard Deviation

Standard deviation is an important marker of volatility in investing.

4 min readPayments

Online invoices: Stripe vs PayPal

What is the difference between a Stripe invoice and a PayPal invoice?

2 min readFinance

Nonfarm Payroll: A Guide

We explore how nonfarm payrolls provide a valuable insight into the US economy

2 min readAccountants

Accrual Accounting vs. Cash Basis Accounting

Is the cash or accrual basis of accounting better for you? Here’s what to know.

3 min readEnterprise

The 8 payment dimensions: Churn

Discover how you can tackle involuntary churn to improve CLV.

2 min readPayments

What Is an ACH Debit Block?

ACH debit blocks can help protect you from fraud.

2 min readBusiness Management

Guide to Single Member LLC Companies

A single member LLC is a company owned by one person only.

2 min readPayments

How to Make ACH Payments

Read up on what information is needed to make an ACH payment.

2 min readBusiness Management

4 Ways to Make a Sustainable Business

Building a sustainable business can also improve efficiency and profits.

2 min readOpen banking

The Future of Open Banking in the US

Open banking in the US is still an unknown quantity.

3 min readFinance

Guide to Checkout Page Optimization

What do the best checkout pages have in common?

2 min readSubscription

How to Store Credit Card Information Securely

Protect your customers from identity theft when storing credit card information.

2 min readFinance

What Is a Clearing House?

You’ll find clearing houses in many financial settings to regulate transactions.

3 min readPayments

What Is a Digital Wallet?

Discover the best digital wallets and how they work.

2 min readRegulations

What Is PCI DSS?

What does PCI DSS stand for and how does it relate to payment processing?

2 min readRegulations

What Is ASC 606?

What does ASC 606 stand for and how does it apply to the income statement?

2 min readRetention

What Is Involuntary Churn?

Don’t let involuntary churn limit your business growth.

2 min readRegulations

PCI Compliance for Small Business

Why is PCI compliance for small business so important?

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