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Merchant of the Month: Laundry Republic

Laundry Republic

It's exciting to watch startups disrupt existing industries, and Laundry Republic don't disappoint. We've chosen them as our first Merchant of the Month for 2013.

Busy professionals can't always reach the dry cleaners within working hours. Laundry Republic solve this issue by offering a 24/7 service via secure lockers and concierges in premium buildings.

What sets them apart from the crowd is their use of mobile technology and online payments to maximise efficiency.

David Lambert, CEO of Laundry Republic, explains the benefits of GoCardless:

GoCardless saves us time and money. They charge less than half what we pay our card provider, and with pre-authorizations we're in control of when we get paid. We also see far fewer failed payments and a checkout conversion rate of over 80%, which is very good. In short, it's a no-brainer for services like ours.

Direct Debit is perfect for recurring payments. Laundry Republic use our API which is ideal for merchants who want to integrate with their website.

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A Perfect Partnership

Buy our Honeymoon Logo

At GoCardless we’re always impressed with the innovative services offered by our users. We're particularly enamoured with Buy Our Honeymoon.

They solve the problem of unwanted wedding gifts by providing a site for couples to set up a wish list of honeymoon experiences, activities and upgrades. Wedding guests can then select a gift and pay via Direct Debit using GoCardless.

Their service includes a number of nice touches such as customised notification cards to send out to wedding guests and gift certificates for guests to give on the wedding day.

Andrew Green, who wrote the GoCardless integration and runs the service with his wife Shelley, describes the benefits:

We wanted to offer couples a cheaper alternative to PayPal and GoCardless’s fee structure provides just that. Their service means less paid in transaction costs and more paid towards a couple’s wedding gifts.

Acting as a GoCardless partner using our API allows Buy Our Honeymoon to provide Direct Debit payments with incredible ease.

If you're interested in allowing users of your own application to collect via GoCardless, with the possibility of taking a commission for yourself, please do get in touch with us at

Buy Our Honeymoon DD Present

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Coming soon: Take payment across Europe with GoCardless

One of our most requested features is the ability to take payments across Europe. We are extremely excited to announce that this will be available from early next year. In fact we are already submitting test payments across Europe with selected pilot partners.

We will be offering the ability to take Direct Debit across Europe via a single API. This will be perfect for everything merchants already do in the UK such as recurring payments and B2B invoicing. It will also make it easier for you to collect in countries where people prefer to pay with their bank details, like Germany and the Netherlands.

Are you thinking about collecting Direct Debit across Europe? Get in touch - our solution will save you significant amounts of time and money.

Register your interest using GoCardless across Europe here.

PS. If you have a second to spare we would love to hear which countries matter most to you, and what problems you are currently experiencing that we may be able to help with.