“We were amazed at how easy GoCardless was to use, compared to traditional Direct Debit systems, which were complex and costly to set up.”

Steven WuCo-Founder, R & W Media

Key benefits

No more time spent chasing clients for payments, improved cash flow and easy integration with Xero

Company name

R & W Media


Web development services, print design, book and toys publishing.

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Partner integration

Uses GoCardless for Xero

R & W Media, founded in 2012 by Craig Randall and Steven Wu, offers Magento ecommerce design and development services for retailers and wholesalers, helping them expand their business online. R & W has worked with brands including Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, Star Wars and Marvel with the company also developing books, toys and merchandise for sale in high street stores and retailers.

The company works closely with numerous partners, such as hosting providers and email marketing providers, as well as GoCardless, so a lot of its business comes from referrals.

Since starting up, R & W Media has been using Xero accounting software for its cloud-based convenience, easy setup and cost effectiveness. Xero made it easy for the company accountant to login and perform tax returns, keeping an eye on the finances without any fuss.

After integrating GoCardless for Xero, R & W Media was able to have clients pay directly using GoCardless. That meant no more complex integration with payment gateways or expensive payment processing fees.

“We already use GoCardless for all our monthly recurring invoices. We can just invoice customers directly and payments will be collected through GoCardless on a regular basis.”

“This has saved a tremendous amount of time, not having to chase clients for payment. There's no need to process payments through card machines or over the phone. It is all seamless. This has also helped us reduce cash flow problems, which is a big plus for our business,” says Steven.

R & W Media also offers recurring subscriptions for Magento eCommerce support and hosting management. The company needed a way to ensure that fees were collected on a monthly basis. The founders also wanted an automated way of billing, rather than wasting time invoicing and chasing payments.

“We were amazed at how easy GoCardless was to use, compared to traditional Direct Debit systems, which were complex and costly to set up. GoCardless was also a much cheaper solution when compared to other providers. Above all, GoCardless provided excellent support, not just through email but also on the phone,” added Steven.

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