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“GoCardless has allowed us to focus on our business, rather than suffering the headaches of creating a new Direct Debit structure on our own.”

Guy Farley, CTO, ManyPets

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ManyPets is a London-based insurance provider that supplies niche insurance for specific groups of people, as well as negotiating deals and discounts with other established providers in the market. It is now a UK leader in exotic pet insurance, with a whole range of other insurance products also on offer.

Since starting ManyPets in 2012, founders Steve Mendel (CEO) and Guy Farley (CTO) have been building an insurance provider for the digital age, and they’ve always placed technology at the heart of the business.

A Direct Debit solution to grow as ManyPets grows

Until recently, ManyPets was using a legacy system developed in-house, which was starting to add extra hours of admin as the business grew. Plus, a decision to move to an entirely new infrastructure meant ManyPets needed to find a new Direct Debit solution or face a lengthy and complicated process to build one from scratch.

Over 80% of its payments are taken using Direct Debit, so the ability to scale was a top priority. GoCardless allows ManyPets to do exactly that, almost totally eliminating the time spent on sending collection emails and chasing payments, as Guy explains:

Our legacy system ‘worked’, but could never be used as we grow the business. GoCardless means no extra admin time as we continue the push to grow as quickly as possible.

An API that’s easy to work with

Finding an API that was both easy to implement, yet also powerful and customisable was a big factor for ManyPets. The GoCardless API is optimised specifically for Direct Debit and has pre-built code for a number of popular programming languages.

The API was one of the key reasons ManyPets chose GoCardless over other solutions:

I would definitely recommend GoCardless to somebody else. It’s an example of how to do an API well. The developers are very happy.

Happier and more educated customers

As well as developers and other employees feeling much happier after the move to GoCardless, customers are benefitting from the change as well. With more visibility in reporting the operations team are better equipped to inform customers about their specific payment.

Customers are happier because they get better information when they query a payment. They’re used to Direct Debit and are happy as long as it works well and is transparent.

The perfect payments system for the future of the tech industry

As ManyPets always puts technology at the forefront of its way of thinking, it wanted a payment provider that would reflect this:

GoCardless is the perfect system for the modern tech environment. I’ve recommended it to some friends and colleagues in the industry.

Looking to the future ManyPets is beginning an expansion into European markets, starting with Sweden. The capabilities to take recurring payments using the Swedish Autogiro scheme via GoCardless is a huge plus point for the insurance brand. "We want GoCardless to be our payment provider for Sweden and, hopefully, beyond."

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