“With GoCardless, we’ve been able to reduce costs, virtually eliminate the manual admin required from our billing team and lower our failure rates too.”

Prasanna IjamHead of Billing, GnERGY

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Reduced costs, lower failure rates and minimal admin time

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A customer-friendly energy provider with a difference

Based in Farnborough, Hampshire, GnERGY is a domestic and business energy provider that has somewhat of a unique story.

Founded in 2013 by a group of ex-Gurkhas, GnERGY is built on the principles of efficiency, commitment, simplicity and honesty that served the founding team members so well in their previous careers.

Understanding that every penny counts when it comes to energy bills, GnERGY strives to offer the lowest possible tariffs, with the most transparent billing, without unnecessary contracts or confusing small print.

Most of all, the founders of GnERGY want the energy provider to offer excellent customer service. As well as a multi-lingual, dedicated UK call centre, the company is even happy for current and would-be customers to pop into the head office for a face-to-face chat.

Reducing payment failures and manual processes

Prasanna Ijam is the Head of Billing at GnERGY. When he joined the company in 2015, he quickly realised that the company was on an unfavourable contract with its existing Direct Debit provider.

It was clear to me that if we moved to the right Direct Debit provider, we could cut costs, reduce the manual admin required from our billing team and probably reduce our failure rates too.”

While GnERGY offers multiple payment methods, close to 80% of customers choose to use Direct Debit to pay their energy bills, so finding the right supplier was critical.

While Prasanna considered a number of providers, it was the combination of reduced costs and the ability to handle the growing number of payments without added manual intervention that led the company to quickly settle on GoCardless.

A dramatic change to payment collection 

Working closely with the GoCardless team, as well as help from Utiligroup, the energy provider was able to quickly and smoothly carry out the bulk change to move existing customers to GoCardless, as well as set up the ability to sign up new customers.

For Prasanna, the improvements in switching to GoCardless were instantly realised:

We used to have a payment failure rate of up to 6% with our previous Direct Debit provider. With GoCardless our failure rate is now just 1.7%.”

The reduction in manual admin that Prasanna hoped for has also been easy to see. Prior to GoCardless, the three members of the billing team had to each spend over an hour every day to register new Direct Debit mandates. 

With the new process that allows new customers to quickly complete their mandate online, the admin time has been reduced to next to nothing. Prasanna also explained how the previous manual admin led to inevitable human error:

The pressure the team was under previously meant that up to 50% of mandates were being registered incorrectly. With the integration between GoCardless and our CRM, the error rate for mandate registrations is virtually non-existent.”

Two years of dependable payment collection

GnERGY has now been working with GoCardless for over two years, and as the company continues to grow, GoCardless continues to help Prasanna and the team collect and reconcile Direct Debit payments.

As well as the benefits felt by the billing team, the switch to GoCardless has also helped the customer service team:

The elimination of errors related to mandates and payment collection means our customer service team spends a lot less time helping customers with those kinds of problems. They now have a lot more capacity to focus on other enquiries.”

Prasanna also explained that it now only takes two days from the date of Direct Debit collection to receive funds, as opposed to four days previously. This helps GnERGY’s finance team budget better - and it’s had a positive impact on cash flow as well.

All things considered, I’d give GoCardless 10 out of 10 as a payment solution. It’s helped us grow while reducing costs. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs reliable payment collection.”

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