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2 min readFinance

What is compound interest?

Find out how compound interest can grow your savings even faster

2 min readFinance

Burn Rate: what it is and how to calculate it

Find out how much cash your business is burning through

3 min readAccounting

An Accounting Cycle Guide

The accounting cycle is something every business needs to know.

3 min readRegulations

What is Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

Find out how to protect personally identifiable information (PII)

3 min readGoCardless

Tide users can now collect invoice payments with GoCardless

We’ve partnered with Tide to take the hassle out of invoice payments.

3 min readLife at GoCardless

BEAM: Shining brightly for a year

A year ago we launched our employee group, BEAM. Here's what's happened.

2 min readBusiness Management

What is share of wallet (SOW)?

Share of wallet refers to the amount that consumers spend on a particular brand

3 min readAlternative Payment Options

Why your customers' payment preferences matter: A firsthand story

Content platform Converge discovered 70% of their customers wanted to switch.

2 min readAccounting

What is the last in, first out (LIFO) method?

LIFO assumes that the last item of inventory purchased will be the first sold

2 min readFinance

What is fintech?

Get the inside track on the fintech industry with our comprehensive guide

3 min readAccounting

Income Statement

Income statements are one of the most important financial documents

2 min readAccounting

What Is Absorption Costing?

Learn how to work out absorption costing with our definitive guide

2 min readFinance

What is a growing perpetuity?

A growing perpetuity is a cash flow expected to grow forever at a steady rate

2 min readAccounting

What Are Accrued Liabilities?

Accrued liabilities are expenses you’ve incurred but haven’t been billed for

2 min readAccounting

How to Improve Your Billing Process

Improve your company’s customer billing process with five simple steps

2 min readAccounting

What are basic accounting adjusting entries?

Adjusting entries let you adjust revenues and expenses to the correct period

2 min readFinance

Finding the best online invoice tool

Online invoice tools can help your company streamline the invoicing process

2 min readGrowth

What Is Product-Market Fit?

Learn how to achieve product-market fit with our comprehensive guide

2 min readFinance

What is portfolio diversification?

Explore the effects of diversification on portfolio risk with our simple guide

2 min readFinance

What Is Venture Debt?

Venture debt is a form of debt financing aimed at early-stage companies

2 min readAccounting

What is bank reconciliation?

Learn how to do bank reconciliation, step by step, with our handy guide

2 min readBusiness Management

What is reverse factoring?

Explore the reverse factoring process with our simple guide

2 min readAccounting

Designing payment flows for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Learn how to design payment flows for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

2 min readAccounting

What Is a Financial Audit?

Financial audits provide an objective evaluation of your financial position

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