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GoCardless & Sellsy

Made for recurring payments

GoCardless puts you in control of collecting invoice and subscription payments directly from your customers’ bank accounts.

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Made for recurring payments
Made for recurring payments

Automatically collect payment for your invoices

  • End late payments

    End late payments

    40% of invoices are overdue. With GoCardless, when an invoice is due, payments are automatically collected so you don’t have to chase.

    Businesses get paid 47% faster with GoCardless.

  • Make payment collection easy

    Spend 90% less hours on managing payments. 

    If you use cards, save up to 25% on fees.

    GoCardless lowers the total cost to accept recurring payments by 56%

  • Predictable payment

    Predictable payment

    Cut out the stress of guesswork. Know exactly when you'll get paid and see immediately if a payment has failed.

    Make confident decisions based on predictable income

  • Popular with payers

    Popular with payers

    Businesses prefer to pay invoices via their bank account. 

    55% of French businesses are likely to use bank debit to pay an invoice.

Setup your customer to pay by GoCardless

How it works

Select a customer and send them a link from your Sellsy account.

They authorise you to collect payments from their bank account by entering their payment details into this secure online form. They only have to do this once.

Setup your customer to pay by GoCardless

Send an Sellsy invoice as usual. GoCardless schedules payment to be automatically collected on the invoice due date

Setup your customer to pay by GoCardless

Payment is collected from your customer’s bank account without them needing to lift a finger.

GoCardless always notifies your customer before the payment is collected.

Setup your customer to pay by GoCardless

Payment is processed and paid straight to your bank account. Sellsy marks the invoice as ‘paid’ and automatically reconciles the payment and associated fees.

Setup your customer to pay by GoCardless
  • Flexible payments

    Flexible payments

    Made for recurring payments - whether invoicing regular customers or subscription fees.

  • International payments

    International payments

    Collect payments from 30+ countries with the world’s first global bank debit network for recurring payments.

    Learn more

    Learn more
  • Success+ intelligent retries

    Success+ intelligent retries

    Use recurring payment intelligence to predict and manage payment failures. Recover, on average, 76% of failed payments.

    Learn more

Low fees, no hidden pricing

Starting at 2% + 20p per transaction, capped at £4.

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