Direct Debit for a connected world

GoCardless is a simpler, smarter way for telecom companies to collect payments from customers

Automate your billing

Reduce the amount of time spent on your bill runs with automated payment collections.

Real-time alerts

Receive immediate notifications about failed or cancelled payments. Increase insight and reduce churn.

Connected to your business

Turn payments into a competitive advantage. Connect Direct Debit to your billing and accounting systems.

“GoCardless helped us improve both the speed and accuracy of our bill run without any of the complexity of traditional providers. We can easily see who’s paid, and it automatically notifies us when payments fail.“

Alex Yeung

Alex Yeung, Co-Founder, Connexin

GoCardless powers Direct Debit payments for over 50,000 merchants

Automate your billing

Improve customer onboarding

Enable customers to set up their Direct Debit via a simple online form. Embed the link on your website or in customer emails.

Single payment collection

Once the customer has set up their Direct Debit, your one-off or recurring payments are collected automatically.

Flexible payments

Allow your customers to pay on the date and at the frequency that suits them.

Real-time alerts

Increase insight

Provisioning teams can view real-time reports on customer payment status prior to confirming orders.

Reduce churn

Instantly engage with your customers after failed or cancelled payments.

Limit fraud

Immediate notifications on customer chargebacks ensuring quick and effective management.

Connected to your business

Customer service

GoCardless integrates with CRM systems to provide actionable account information, enabling faster resolution to customer contacts.

Reduce billing errors

Integrate into your billing system to reduce manual admin, payment errors and failures with automatic reconciliation of payments against bills.

Improved cashflow

Receive daily payouts from GoCardless to ensure customer payments are kept up-to-date.

A smarter and easier way to take Direct Debit payments

Simple migration

It's quick and easy to move all of your existing customers over to GoCardless.

Clean, modern API

Our API ensures integrating your systems with GoCardless is as painless as possible.

Transparent pricing

No set up costs, hidden charges or minimum commitments.

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