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[On-Demand] Open Banking 101

Hear speakers from GoCardless and Open Banking Excellence as they demystify open banking and explain how businesses can use it to future proof their strategies

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  • Helen Child, Founder, Open Banking Excellence (OBE)

  • Pranav Sood, VP of Small Business, GoCardless

Moderated by

  • Siamac Rezaiezadeh, Director of Product Marketing, GoCardless

Hear our speakers have a lively fireside chat as they demystify open banking and discuss:

  • The basics of open banking, including what is it and why it mattersĀ 

  • The value that businesses are currently seeing from open banking and the rate of adoption across small businesses in the UK

  • How it can be used in payment strategies to future proof your business

  • How you can get started and try it for yourself

The speakers also answer questions that were submitted throughout the original live webinar.

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