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2 min readInvoicing

Guide to Travel Agency Invoices

Find out how to make a travel agency invoice here.

2 min readInvoicing

Guide to Digital Marketing Invoices

Digital marketing invoices are simple to create.

3 min readInvoicing

Creating an Invoice for Consulting Services

Wondering how to invoice clients? Here’s an A-Z of consulting fee invoices.

3 min readInvoicing

What is a Billing Address?

What is a billing address and how does it differ from other addresses

2 min readInvoicing

What is the difference between a quote vs. an estimate?

What is an estimate, and how does it differ from a quote? Find out here.

2 min readInvoicing

What are the Invoice requirements in the USA?

Make sure you include all required elements of a company invoice.

2 min readAccountants

Small business guide to online invoicing software

Save time and money on invoicing using an online invoice generator.

3 min readInvoicing

How to write invoice payment terms

Invoice payment terms can ensure you get paid on time

2 min readFinance

Benefits of E-Invoicing in the Current Economy

Find out whether online invoices could save you time and money.

3 min readFinance

How to Write a Late Payment Email

Late payment reminder emails are a valuable tool for chasing up unpaid invoices.

2 min readFinance

Invoice vs. receipt: what’s the difference?

Explore the difference between invoices and receipts, right here.

2 min readInvoicing

Invoice discounting vs. factoring: what’s the best invoice finance option?

Learn about invoice factoring and invoice discounting in greater depth.

3 min readInvoicing

What Is DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)?

The days sales outstanding formula can help improve payment collection times.

3 min readInvoicing

A Guide to Invoice Financing vs. Factoring

Everything you need to know about invoice financing vs. factoring.

4 min readFinance

How to chase an overdue invoice

See our overdue invoice letter template, right here.

2 min readInvoicing

When Should Your Business Issue an Invoice?

At what point should your business issue an invoice? Read on to learn more.

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