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Global Payments


[On-Demand Webinar] Mastering Payments: Dissecting Churn with Zuora and GoCardless

Find out the latest research on how your chosen payment method directly impacts customer churn and how to cut churn cost-effectively.

2 min readGlobal Payments

Benefits of Accepting Different Currencies

Discover the numerous benefits of accepting cross currency payments

2 min readGlobal Payments

Are There Any Countries That You Can’t Send Money to?

Discover which countries have money transfer restrictions for US citizens.

2 min readGlobal Payments

Why bank transfers might be delayed

What are the possible reasons why a bank payment is delayed?

2 min readGlobal Payments

What is an ACH withdrawal?

Find out more about how ACH debits or withdrawals work.

2 min readGlobal Payments

Foreign Debt and Your Company Credit Report

Does your credit score follow you to another country? Yes and no


[Webinar] Mastering Payments: How Re-Leased are saving $10,000 a month in bank fees through automation

Hear how Re-Leased automated their payments process, reduced their DSO by 15 days and are now saving $10,000 a month in bank fees.

6 min readOpen banking

What are Account-to-Account payments?

Learn everything you need to know about account-to-account payments

4 min readGrowth

Scaling your payment infrastructure at pace

An efficient and adaptable payment infrastructure is crucial to business growth.

2 min readPayments

Is IBAN applicable in the US?

Find out how to use an IBAN number in the US


[Webinar] Mastering Payments: Insights from Epson on a customer-centric approach to payments

Discover how Epson has tackled international expansion with a customer-first approach to payments.  Hear how Epson has benefitted from introducing Direct Debit (the equivalent of ACH debit) in Europe, including improved conversion and customer acquisition.


[On Demand Webinar] Simplifying payments in the subscription economy

Join GoCardless, Zuora and SiteMinder for a deep dive into how recurring payments are powering the subscription economy and how offering the right payment methods can supercharge growth.

4 min readEnterprise

The 8 dimensions of recurring payments: Preference

Understand how you can grow your business by offering preferred payment methods.

7 min readEnterprise

The 8 dimensions of recurring payments: how to build an optimized payment strategy

What makes the perfect recurring payment strategy? And how do you improve yours?

5 min readEnterprise

5 mistakes businesses make during international expansion and how to avoid them

What are the big mistakes that send international expansion plans off the rails?

3 min readGlobal Payments

8 dimensions of recurring payments: Coverage

Understand how you can grow your business by broadening your payment coverage.

5 min readEnterprise

3 ways SaaS businesses can harness the power of open banking

How open banking improves the customer lifecycle from acquisition to transaction

PDFGlobal Payments

[Report] Consumer payment preferences in 2021

How your customers prefer to pay impacts their buying decisions. Learn all about payer preferences in 2021, and how you can leverage them for your business.

6 min readOpen banking

Trailblazers and latecomers: open banking around the world

Which countries are leading the way in open banking development?

2 min readGlobal Payments

Trade between the US and UK pre-Brexit explained

How will trade differ now that the UK has signed a Brexit deal?

2 min readGlobal Payments

What are Cryptoassets?

Learn how Cryptoassets can change the future of financial investment

2 min readEnterprise

Businesses with the wrong payment method are seeing almost 4x more payment failures

And other key insights from our 2020 payment success index.

7 min readPayments

ACH in Numbers: 106 Key Stats and Facts about ACH Payments

Billions of transactions. Trillions of dollars. All the key stats about ACH.

4 min readGlobal Payments

Top 10 international payment gateways

Learn more about the best payment gateway for international payments.

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