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Use GoCardless to collect membership payments

GoCardless & Peoplevine

Spend more time with your members and less time worrying about payments with GoCardless for Peoplevine

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GoCardless & Peoplevine
GoCardless & Peoplevine
All the features you need to streamline your payments
All the features you need to streamline your payments

All the features you need to streamline your payments

Reduce customer churn

Increase lifetime value with significantly lower failure rates compared to credit cards.

Reduce Costs

ACH Pull is cheaper than other payment methods like checks, cards and wire transfers. With cheaper fees and less admin, reduce your overall cost of taking payments by 56%.

Get paid automatically

Payment is collected from your customer’s bank account without them needing to lift a finger. 

GoCardless always notifies your customer before the payment is collected. 

Collect international payments

Collect payments in your customers’ currency, settled in your own currency, at the real exchange rate.

Trusted by 85,000 businesses worldwide

  • Positive cash flow

    Positive cash flow

    “Having GoCardless really streamlines the whole process of collecting cash”

  • Less stress

    Less stress

    “GoCardless stops those awkward conversations with clients”

  • Lower cost of payments

    Lower cost of payments

    “GoCardless costs less, particularly when you take into account the time saving and efficiency boost it gives us,”

  • Easy to integrate

    Easy to integrate

    “Integrating GoCardless with Xero is really easy – the system is incredibly intuitive.”

How it works with Peoplevine


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