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The smarter way to take recurring payments, so you can focus on your members

Improve member experience

GoCardless bank-to-bank Direct Debit makes it simple for new members to join and existing members to remain connected to your organisation.

Reduce admin

Transform the self-serve experience, automate billing processes and reduce payment errors with cutting edge technology.

Connected to your organisation

Equip your organisation with the best tools by connecting Direct Debit to your existing CRM and billing systems.

"Before switching we had around 5,300 members. Now we have almost 13,000 paying via GoCardless"

Penny Jones

Penny Jones, Head of Administrative Services, College of Paramedics

Improved member experience

  • Simple online set-up Sign up new members in seconds with our online form, no paperwork involved.
  • Easily set up membership plans Add new members and take payments on the dates and frequency that suits you and your members.
  • One solution for all payments Collect joining fees, Continual Professional Development (CPD) payments and any other costs with flexible Direct Debit.

Take control of membership fees

  • More efficient financial management Collect fees straight from your members' bank accounts using bank-to-bank Direct Debit.
  • Automatic notifications Receive alerts for any Direct Debit cancellations and retry failed payments at the click of a button.
  • Offer flexible pricing You can update prices in seconds, make upgrades, downgrades, and annual price increases quick and easy.

Connected to your organisation

  • Customer service Our CRM system integrations provide account information and payment setup, all within one application.
  • Marketing Maximise member LTV by identifying payment behaviours likely to result in churn and taking steps to address them.
  • Finance Easily reconcile your received payments with fully documented transfers, including all failures and deductions.

The smarter way to manage your members’ payments

Simple migration

It's quick and easy to move all of your existing members over to GoCardless.

Secure data storage

We'll manage and store your sensitive member data with military grade encryption.

Join 50,000+ organisations

We collect more than $5.5 billion per year for over 50,000 businesses and organisations across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the UK.

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