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We are looking for an Office Manager

Matt Robinson
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Last editedJun 20241 min read

We are a fast growing company in need of someone awesome to help make our company and team run smoothly. You need to be smart, organised and great at getting stuff done.

It is a great role with lots of variety. You will be responsible for many of the important bits of running a growing company - everything from accounts & HR, to setting up our new office.

What are we looking for?

You are the kind of person who can be trusted with sensitive information, or important tasks. Most importantly, when you say you will do something, we know that it will be taken care of.

Here are some things you would have done last week:

  • Helping our accountant with our monthly management accounts

  • Finding us a new office

  • Dealing with accounts payable

  • Liaising with HMRC

  • Writing job ads

  • Organising our space at a careers fair

  • Arranging contracts and option agreement for new hires

  • Ordering computer equipment for new joiners

Here are some things you could do if you joined next week:

  • Developing new company processes. For example, to help new hires integrate quicker.

  • Managing the interview process for job applicants

  • Hiring a plumber to fix our kitchen

  • Organising the Team Christmas Party

  • Team Scheduling

  • Liaising with our landlords

  • Paying everyone (people get unhappy when this doesn't happen)

  • Working out when to transfer USD 2 million into GBP to get the best exchange rate

Why join us?

It's a challenging role - at the moment these responsibilities are generally split amongst the founders. But if you are looking for an autonomous role with lots of responsibility then this could be the perfect job for you.

Furthermore, it's a great place to work - you will be surrounded by smart people who all get on, and we encourage a casual, fun work environment: hours are flexible, and we like a game of pool or table football during the day.

Email if you think you might be suitable, or know someone else who is.

NB. This is based on a blog post / job ad originally by 37 signals. Original visible here.

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