Collecting recurring payments in .NET

GoCardless .NET guides

.NET has been our most frequently-requested client library, and today we're excited to announce that we've released our first version of a .NET library for the new GoCardless API!

This new library means it will be faster and easier than ever to build robust integrations with our API if you're using the .NET framework - you can focus on building your business instead of building the integration from scratch.

If you aren't using .NET, we also have libraries for several other popular languages: PHP, Java, Ruby, and Python.

Getting started

You can find the package on NuGet and the source on GitHub.

Follow our "Getting started" guides to install the package and make your first requests - you'll find code examples there to help set up your first test subscription and get familiar with how the client works.

Our API reference covers all of the API endpoints in more detail, with code examples showing you how to use each of them. Every resource endpoint in our API is available in the client library.

If you need any help using the API or if you have any feedback, please let us know!

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