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Growing our payments network: next stop, Denmark

Sally Tromans
Written by

Last editedJan 20201 min read

Last month we announced our launch in Australia, this month we’ve turned our attention to Scandinavia and are excited to announce that we can now take payments via Danish Direct Debit.

It’s another step towards our mission of creating a global bank to bank payments network and takes the the number of Direct Debit schemes that we offer to 5 (covering 23 countries), with lots more in the pipeline.

The Denmark launch means our customers in Europe or Australia can now take Krone-denominated payments from Danish customers.

It’s the second Scandinavian Direct Debit scheme available through GoCardless, following the launch of Swedish Direct Debit in 2015 - with Norway coming soon to complete the set.

As well as allowing our customers to take payments from these 5 regions, we’re also opening up access to GoCardless in new geographies. Businesses in 30 countries as far afield as Canada and New Zealand can now access Direct Debit through GoCardless, using any of our 5 Direct Debit schemes. And the local Direct Debit schemes in those regions are on the GoCardless horizon too.

We’re well on the way to breaking down the barriers that have historically made it difficult for companies who operate internationally to take bank to bank payments. We’re keen to support more businesses to easily take payments from anyone, anywhere in the world, in any currency.

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