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Whitney Hazard

Product Marketing Manager

As Product Marketing Manager at GoCardless, Whitney is responsible for marketing strategy. With a deep understanding of customer requirements and use cases for various payment methods, Whitney works to develop and market products that solve payment issues businesses are facing today. Prior to GoCardless, Whitney worked in various product marketing roles at Google, spanning B2B and consumer marketing for software and hardware products.


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Clubs and societies: Are you using the right payment method?

A lot of clubs and teams are using the wrong payment method to collect their membership fees. To help you decide whether your club is using the right payment option we’ve put together a list of three quick questions for you.

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6 Best Payment Methods for Small Businesses

From credit cards to BACS payment methods, discover our top picks.

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Online Payment Methods: How to accept payments online

If you want to accept payments online, you have two main options: Credit (or Debit) Card and Direct Debit. To help you get to grips with your online payment options we've run through the main choices at a high level here.