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2 min readPayments

How do small businesses take payments?

What are your small business payment options? Here’s how to get started.

2 min readPayments

ACH payment processing for nonprofits

ACH payment processing for nonprofits offers numerous benefits.

3 min readPayments

How to avoid returned online ACH payments

ACH returns may cost consumers and prevent businesses from using the network.

3 min readPayments

The pros and cons of ACH payment processing

ACH has clear benefits compared to wire transfers, checks and card payments.

2 min readGrowth

Business Intelligence for Small Businesses

Find out how business intelligence can help your business grow

2 min readBusiness Management

Five tips for running a successful business

Five essential tips for anyone operating a business.

2 min readGrowth

Inspiring Small Business Branding Examples

Discover inspiring small business branding ideas.

2 min readBusiness Management

The multi-billion-dollar world of small business consulting

A consultant is an individual who flies in to help a business meet its goals.

2 min readPayments

Payroll How To Pay Independent Contractors

Find out how to pay independent contractors

2 min readPayments

What is an ACH payment facilitator?

PayFac payment gateways help authorize ACH and card payments.

2 min readPayments

How to send an eCheck

Can you send electronic checks to suppliers? Find out how eChecks work.

2 min readPayments

Is IBAN applicable in the US?

Find out how to use an IBAN number in the US

4 min readAccountants

How to Fill Out A W-2 Form

Everything you need to know about how to fill out a W-2 Form.

2 min readAccountants

Consumption Tax Definition

A consumption tax is levied on consumable goods and services.

2 min readAccountants

What Is an Accounting Float?

Plan ahead for payment clearing times with float accounting techniques.

2 min readAccountants

What Is Form 10-K?

Provide investors with up-to-date information using the SEC Form 10-K.


[Webinar] Mastering Payments: Insights from Epson on a customer-centric approach to payments

Discover how Epson has tackled international expansion with a customer-first approach to payments.  Hear how Epson has benefitted from introducing Direct Debit (the equivalent of ACH debit) in Europe, including improved conversion and customer acquisition.

3 min readEnterprise

The 8 payment dimensions: Cashflow

Discover how your payment strategy plays an important role in cash flow.

3 min readCash flow

3 key takeaways from The Global Payment Timings Index 2021

Discover the benchmarks for global payment timings from the latest research.

2 min readCash flow

Bootstrapping and How it Works in Business

Get your startup off the ground with our bootstrapping business ideas.

2 min readAccountants

What Is a Chattel Mortgage?

What are chattel loans, and is this type of mortgage right for you?

2 min readAccountants

What Is an Encumbered Asset?

There are a few factors to consider before purchasing an encumbered asset.

2 min readAccountants

What Is a Custodial Account?

Discover how to open a custodial account along with its pros and cons.

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