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3 min readPayments

How to Write a Payment Reminder Email

What goes into an effective outstanding payment reminder email?

2 min readPayments

How Can a Small Business Collect a Debt?

Find out the debt collection process for small businesses in Australia.

3 min readPayments

What Is Friendly Fraud?

Discover how to recognise and prevent friendly fraud.

2 min readBusiness Management

Are Processing Fees Tax Deductible?

Are credit card processing fees taxed, and is this expense deductible?

2 min readInvoicing

Guide: Invoice Approval Workflow

There are plentiful advantages to using invoice approval workflow software.

2 min readSubscription

Guide to Product Bundle Pricing

Add value and boost customer loyalty with product bundle pricing.

2 min readPayments

Credit Card Decline Code Breakdown

What do the various credit card declined reason codes mean?

2 min readPayments

Sort Code vs Routing Number

Find out when to use a UK sort code and US routing number.

2 min readPayments

How Long Do E-Cheques Take to Clear?

E-cheque clearing times are faster than they used to be.

2 min readPayments

Chargebacks vs. Refunds

Find out the differences between chargebacks and refunds.

2 min readInvoicing

What Is an E-Billing System?

Find out more about e-billing solutions and software.

2 min readRetention

Customer Retention Strategies

Create a rewarding, personalised experience to improve your customer retention.

2 min readFinance

Guide to Prospect Theory

Prospect theory is analysis of decision under risk.

2 min readFinance

Recurring Invoice Meaning & Examples

What are the benefits of sending a recurring invoice?


[Webinar] Mastering Payments: How Re-Leased are saving $10,000 a month in bank fees through automation

Hear how Re-Leased automated their payments process, reduced their DSO by 15 days and are now saving $10,000 a month in bank fees.

2 min readPayments

A guide to chargeback management

Find out how to manage chargebacks effectively.

2 min readPayments

Merchant accounts vs payment gateways

Merchant accounts and payment gateways work together to process online payments.

2 min readAccountants

Accounts receivable management

Accounts receivable management is crucial to maintaining healthy cash flow.

2 min readPayments

Direct deposit vs. wire transfer

What’s the difference between direct deposits and wire transfers?

2 min readInvoicing

Beginner’s guide to invoice management

Invoice processing is crucial for businesses. Learn more.

2 min readBusiness Management

Australian Debt Collection Guidelines

When does it make sense to outsource debt collection?

2 min readBusiness Management

4 Services Small Businesses Should Outsource

Free your staff to focus on growth with business process outsourcing.

2 min readPayments

5 Small Business Payment Processing Challenges

Discover the top payment processing challenges and how to overcome them.

2 min readPayments

Facilitating Cross Border Payments

Find out how to choose the best cross border payment gateway.