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How to handle ACH reports from the banks

There will be times when your bank will send you updates on certain issues related to your ACH payments.

For certain issues with your ACH payment requests, your bank will send you updates. These updates are sent via the ACH system each working day, and you can download them using a secure connection. All updates will be included in a single report, containing a line for each notification. In this section, we’ll take a look at two important notifications and explain how you should handle them.

Notifications of Change

As mentioned previously, your bank will issue these if you submit a payment incorrectly.

The ODFI will have 2 banking days to supply the information to the receiving bank. You will then be required to fix these errors within 6 banking days of receiving the notification, or before submitting payments to that customer again – whichever is sooner.

Returned payments

When an ACH payment fails, an ACH return takes place. There are more than 80 different reasons this may be triggered, and a full table of these (along with the applicable timelines) may be found in Nacha’s rules.

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