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GoCardless partners with Bluefort to enable bank payments for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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London, 17 May 2023 -- GoCardless, a global leader in direct bank payments, has partnered with Bluefort, an independent software vendor and Microsoft solutions partner, to offer a simple way for businesses to manage their billing, payments and accounting directly within Dynamics 365.

The newly launched GoCardless integration, available for free through Bluefort’s payment automation platform Bluefort TAPP, will enable Dynamics 365 users across Finance & Supply Chain Management, Dynamics for Sales and Business Central to access Direct Debit and open banking payments, in addition to automatic reconciliation. 

This will help them save time and money by eliminating manual work in the end-to-end payment process. In addition, Dynamics 365 users can tap into GoCardless’ innovative product suite to get paid faster and improve their cash flow, using features such as GoCardless Success+ to optimize payment retries and Instant Bank Pay, its open banking-powered payment feature that acts as a safer and cheaper alternative to cards for one-off transactions. Businesses can also provide a better customer experience by offering a payment option that is simple, secure and fast. 

Edward Borg Grech, CEO at Bluefort, said: “We’re excited to introduce the GoCardless integration so users can access an incredibly easy process to manage their payments, all within the Dynamics 365 platforms they use every day. By working with an industry leader and leveraging their unique global bank payment network, we can offer merchants cutting-edge payment solutions wherever they do business, boosting their top and bottom line."

Seb Hempstead, VP of Partnerships at GoCardless, said: “We believe that bank payments are the best way to get paid. Not only can they help you get paid faster and save time and money, they can also increase customer conversion and retention. Our partnership with Bluefort will be key to helping us spread the word. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 used by thousands of companies, from household names like Coca-Cola and Adobe to beloved local businesses, we can put bank payments at the heart of the modern economy."

The announcement adds another leading name to GoCardless’ roster of more than 350 partners. These partnerships allow businesses to seamlessly integrate GoCardless into the software they already use, managing payment and other business activities in one place.

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help
Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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