An introduction to our API

The GoCardless API allows you to manage Direct Debit payments via your own website or software. When a customer signs up for your services they can give you a Direct Debit authorisation online. Your integration can then create and manage payments and subscriptions automatically - there’s no need to manually add a new customer to GoCardless. Our API provides you with full flexibility when it comes to payment creation, and we offer it to all of our merchants at no extra cost.

In this blog post we’ll guide you through the steps needed to use our API, from customer creation to taking your first payment.

Let’s look at how Direct Debit payments work and how the GoCardless API is organised. In order to charge a customer’s bank account, you will first need their authorisation to collect payments via Direct Debit. This can be via our secure online payment pages or, if you’re using GoCardless Pro, you can take complete control of the payment process by hosting the payment pages on your own website.

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