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The Account Executive Interview Process

One of the most important things as we look to scale from processing $1 billion payments a year to $10 billion is growing our sales team. Our vision is to create a global payments network, making payments simpler on the internet no matter what country you're from. We’ve previously written about how we train our salespeople. This blog post is aimed at guiding you through the account executive interview process. We want you to succeed, so we’re going to outline what we look for and how the process works.

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How we train salespeople

At GoCardless, we are growing at a phenomenal rate. We recently passed the milestone of having processed £500m, a far cry from the £300 we processed in October 2011. We believe we have the best recurring payment system in the world, what we are trying to build now is the best sales team in the world. Crucial to our success is how we train our new hires.

This post goes through how to get from applicant to killer salesperson. We’ve split it into three sections:

  • What do we look for when hiring?
  • How do we train new hires?
  • Our 6 top tips for training

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, please get in touch.

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