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FAQ Friday – How can you improve your accounts receivable process?

Accounts receivable. We’ve all heard the term before, but if you’re not part of a finance team, it can be tough to fully understand what impact it will have on your cash flow and the health of your business.

In this week’s FAQ Friday, we break down exactly what accounts receivable means, why it’s really important and share a few tips on how you can improve it to benefit your payment collection and overall cash flow.

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FAQ Friday – What’s the difference between ‘push’ and ‘pull’ payments?

We’re back with the first FAQ Friday of 2019.

This week, Jon Greenland from the Sales team, talks us through the difference between ‘push’ and ‘pull’ based payment methods and what that means for your business.

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DIY Direct Debit vs an online provider: a visual guide for membership organisations

Have you ever stopped to think about all the processes that go into your existing DIY Direct Debit solution? How many hours of admin are needed every week to carry out and reconcile all your payments? What happens when a payment is missed by a member? And how often do you have a member on the phone complaining about a problem with their payment?

The infographic below looks at 7 of the most important aspects of your payment processing and how a DIY solution matches up to an online provider.

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