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Open Banking

3 min readEnterprise

The 8 dimensions of payments: Success

Find out everything you need to know about reducing payment failure

2 min readOpen Banking

Open Finance vs Open Banking

Could open banking and open finance help your business

2 min readOpen Banking

How safe is open banking?

Is open banking safe for your business?

2 min readPayments

How to Facilitate Same Day Payment

How can Instant Bank Pay facilitate same day payments?

2 min readOpen Banking

What Is a TPP in Open Banking?

Discover how TPP works in Open Banking.

3 min readVariable Recurring Payments

Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs): Reflecting back on taking the first payment

Sandra shares how GoCardless impacted payments by collecting VRPs in 2019

4 min readVariable Recurring Payments

Variable Recurring Payment Q&A with GoCardless and Plum

GoCardless and Plum answer your VRP questions

2 min readOpen Banking

AISP vs PISP: What is the difference?

The difference between AISPs and PISPs and how they affect your business.

2 min readOpen Banking

What Is an API in Open Banking?

Could using open banking API architecture help your business grow?

3 min readOpen Banking

Fight back against fraud with GoCardless’ new account verification tool

Introducing GoCardless' latest open banking powered feature in the UK

WebinarOpen Banking

[On-demand] Unlocking the power of Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs)

Hear speakers from Accenture, Plum and GoCardless deep dive into the payment term of the moment - Variable Recurring Payments - explaining what they are and why you’re going to be hearing a lot about them.

2 min readOpen Banking

What is bank pay? Everything you need to know

Learn about bank pay and how it's going to revolutionise payments.

2 min readVariable Recurring Payments

Understanding the benefits of Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs) and sweeping

Get ready to be swept away by new Variable Recurring Payment (VRP) products

3 min readVariable Recurring Payments

Understanding VRPs and what they could mean for payments

VRPs are coming in 2022, but what exactly are they and how do they work?

4 min readAlternative Payment Options

Six key things you need to know about Instant Bank Pay

Your guide to understanding Instant Bank Pay and its key benefits

4 min readOpen Banking

Future of payments Q&A with Accenture and GoCardless

Experts answer businesses questions on what's next for the future of payments

WebinarOpen Banking

[Webinar] Getting Started with Instant Bank Pay

Join our webinar and discover three new ways you can use open banking with Instant Bank Pay

WebinarOpen Banking

[On-Demand] Open Banking 101

Hear speakers from GoCardless and Open Banking Excellence as they demystify open banking and explain how businesses can use it to future proof their strategies

WebinarOpen Banking

[Webinar] Mastering Payments: Scale your Payments like a Cloud Native

Hear from Chargebee, Cuckoo and GoCardless about 
how they’ve leveraged cloud-based payments to scale and grow 
their businesses.

5 min readOpen Banking

Open banking: The next big thing for small businesses

Why exactly is open banking such an exciting opportunity for small businesses?

6 min readOpen Banking

What are Account-to-Account payments?

Learn everything you need to know about account-to-account payments

4 min readOpen Banking

Open banking in the UK vs Australia

Understand the key differences between open banking in the UK and Australia

2 min readOpen Banking

How open banking is solving real small business problems

Open banking payments can help solve 8 of the UK's top 12 SB challenges.

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