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Capital on Tap

Pull ACH payments helped Capital on Tap land and expand in the US, seamlessly and efficiently. Now they process 85,000 pull ACH payments a month, saving millions in card fees.

Capital on Tap
Capital on Tap


Small business credit card and spend management platform.


Uses GoCardless API

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Key benefits

0 to 85,000

pull ACH payments in 18 months.

$3 billion

collected with little operational hassle.

Up to $20 million

saved on card fees in nine years.

Saving millions with pull ACH

Capital on Tap provides more than 200,000 small businesses with simple and painless access to funding, enabling founders and owners to focus on running their business. The Capital on Tap Business Credit Card is issued by WebBank.

When expanding into the US market from their base in the UK, they wanted to replicate the seamless direct bank payments experience that their customers love. Cards had proved expensive and inefficient in the UK and they were determined not to go through that again.

“Capital on Tap was started in 2012 with the mission to provide the best credit card for small businesses in the world,” explained Damian Brychcy, Chief Operating Officer. “We were so ingrained with how our product works in the UK, we knew we wanted all US customers to set up a pull ACH from day one as their standard repayment method.”

Copy and paste, then set and forget

The global reach of GoCardless meant Capital on Tap could almost copy and paste their payments function from the UK to the US, dramatically de-stressing the process of setting up in a new market.

“What we took for granted in the UK was made really seamless and easy by GoCardless with pull ACH,” said Damian. “It's been a breath of fresh air that we could replicate so many of our processes when we expanded to the US - we couldn't have done it without a partner like GoCardless.”

Zoe Newman, US Managing Director, explained how this has impacted both the customer experience and enabled a fast start in their new market.

“GoCardless provides a safe, reliable and secure payment platform that is really important to the service we provide our customers,” she said.

GoCardless automatically pulls through a customer’s bank account and it's there for the lifetime of the account. It's also meant that we've scaled very quickly, going from zero payments to 85,000 in 18 months.

No heavy lifting

Capital on Tap is now collecting millions of dollars every month with GoCardless, with none of the heavy lifting often associated with managing customer payments.

“We are now processing over $8 million per month,” said Zoe. “That seems a lot, but it has actually been no burden on Capital on Tap because it's all just being handled by GoCardless in the background, and it's really streamlined and automated for our customers.”

Over the years the volume of payments processed, the efficiency gains made and the money saved on cheaper costs have really started to stack up, explained Damian.

We’ve processed $3 billion in payments with GoCardless, which is about 90-95% of the payments we've taken. By collecting payments over direct debit and pull ACH versus cards or other payment rails, we've probably saved $10, $15 or $20 million.

Customers love the convenience

Capital on Tap’s customers are sold on the convenience of its credit card service and payment collection process, and the way it brings some stability and flexibility to their cashflow.

“Our mission is to design and build world-class inflatables. We've been doing this for 40 years and I love the convenience of the Capital on Tap business credit card,” said Mark Bachman, Founder of Bigger Than Life Advertising and customer of Capital on Tap.

“We have a lot of costs associated with production and transportation – express carriers always like their money within seven days. Capital on Tap gives us the ability to move that debt obligation forward by about 30 days, buying us the time to collect from our customers. It really helps us manage our cash flow and it gives us ample room to do whatever we need to do without having to think about it.”

Growth without limits

Capital on Tap are certain that they have the right payments partner to help them keep growing in the US, almost without limits, and that pull ACH payments will remain popular with customers.

“We knew that taking payments by direct bank payment would be easier for our customers, and it was also clear that GoCardless shared our commitment to making life easier for small businesses. The continued adoption of pull ACH is growing in the US and onboarding customers hasn't really been a problem,” said Damian.

It feels like we're at the precipice of coming finally into the 21st century of banking, and GoCardless makes me feel like our customers are in good hands.

Capital on Tap Business Credit Cards are issued by WebBank. © 2023 New Wave Card LP dba Capital on Tap.

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