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Top 5 Sports Club Accounting Software

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Sports clubs and associations usually elect or appoint officers to take responsibility for the group’s day-to-day activities. The treasurer is one such appointee, there to manage the sports club’s finances and provide financial information to the association’s members and officers. However, few appointed treasurers have any previous bookkeeping or accounting experience, especially since many clubs are staffed by volunteers.

To manage the accounts efficiently, sports club accounting software provides the perfect solution.

In this post, we’ll round up what we consider the best accounting software for sports club finance officers and owners. We’ll focus on software that’s easy to deploy and use and doesn’t cost the earth.

Features of accounting software for sports club managers

Every sports association or club has its own mission and serves different demographics. However, whatever kind of club you run, whether that’s boxing, baseball, golf or volleyball, there are some basic accounting functionalities to look for in your sports club accounting software.

These include:

  • Income and expense tracking

  • Reporting

  • Budgeting

  • Membership or donor management

  • Year-end tax prep

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Best 5 sports club accounting software

1. TeamUp

TeamUp is a dedicated software for sports and health clubs. It allows administrators to set up automated payment processes, and quickly and easily set up memberships and packages on the system. With TeamUp, there’s no need to worry about managing invoices manually or deal with failed transactions. TeamUp can be integrated with GoCardless for seamless management of all Direct Debit monthly payments, as well as one-off payments.

2. Martialytics

Martialytics is one of the best accounting software for sports club for instructors of martial arts associations, enabling them to manage bookings and automated payments. Users can access live reports to examine key financial metrics, check growth versus income, manage overdue payments and identify trends. Martialytics offers a 30 day free trial, and the option to try out all the features for free.

Martialytics integrates with GoCardless in order to add a flexible Direct Debit based option for members that’s convenient, flexible, and collects payments automatically. It’s easy to manage memberships, class schedules, check-ins, and payments from one intuitive interface.

3. Glofox

If you’re looking for an all-in-one sports club accounting software to help you run all things sports-management related, Glofox could be the answer. The accounting software features a user-friendly dashboard for a comprehensive view of your business, including your transactions and performance. The software is also easy to integrate with third party platforms, including GoCardless. This offers members increased flexibility in the way they pay, with the option to take one-off payments for classes, and automatically set up Direct Debit mandates.  

4. Moneyminder

Moneyminder is well regarded for its use by nonprofits and volunteers, and provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution to managing accounts at clubs and associations. Thanks to income and expense tracking features, users can enter and reconcile income and expenses. There’s also a bank integration upgrade, at an extra cost, which can help with direct transaction downloads. There are two versions, both free and upgraded for extra features. Moneyminder also offers some basic reports for free.

5. Aplos

This sports club accounting software is designed for larger clubs or associations, including medium to large sports clubs. Features include:

  • True fund accounting

  • Invoicing workflow

  • Secure online payments

  • Accounts payable function along with payroll integration

Aplos also offers a range of budgeting options, which is a valuable feature for sports clubs that need to manage both an organizational budget and smaller inter-departmental budgets.

Free accounting software for sports club

When you’re looking for sports club accounting software, you’ll want one that’s low cost and preferably free to use. Many offer basic functionalities for free, including simple receipt and payment cash accounting, which are ideal for smaller organizations. As you expand, you may find you require additional features with extra sophistication. To help you decide which software to choose, it’s a good idea to opt for free accounting software for sports clubs on a trial basis.  

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