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1 in 12 payments fail. You need a bigger boat.

Save yourself from the jaws of failed payments

Payment failures are not just the cost of doing business. They can spiral out of control and affect your entire payment strategy. What can you do?

Watch the video below to learn how you can reduce payment failures and transform your payment strategy.

Video: Transform your payment strategy
Save yourself from the jaws of failed payments
Save yourself from the jaws of failed payments

Reduce payment failures to:

  • Capture more revenue

    Capture more revenue

    Every year Enterprise businesses stand to lose over $2M in uncollected revenue due to payment failures.

  • Eliminate bad debt

    Eliminate bad debt

    On average, businesses with B2C revenue see 16-20% of their failed payments turn into bad debt, while B2B businesses see 11%-15% turn into bad debt.

  • Decrease churn

    Decrease churn

    2 out of 3 businesses see their failed payments turn into churn more than 10% of the time, and churn also leads to higher chargeback rates.

8 steps to maximize return on your payment strategy

From the customer acquisition funnel to payment operations, learn how the 8 dimensions of recurring payments work together to make a successful payment strategy.

Use the payment dimension framework to grow your business quicker, and find hidden efficiencies within your payment operations.

Compare how different payment methods stack up when it comes to payment collection, and get important payment benchmarks to see how your business compares to the competition.

Watch the video

How GoCardless can help

  • Pull-based payment collection

    GoCardless is built on BECS Direct Debit also known as bank debit. It's a pull-based, bank-to-bank payment method that allows businesses to pull payments directly from their customers’ bank accounts at the time invoices are due.

  • Reduce churn

    Reduce churn

    30% of churn is involuntary and often due to failed payments. Maximize your payment success with GoCardless and retain loyal customers for longer.

  • Intelligent payment recovery

    With GoCardless, 97% of payments will be collected successfully at the first attempt. With real-time reporting, you'll know instantly when a payment fails so you can take action.

Trusted by over 55,000 global businesses
Trusted by over 55,000 global businesses

Trusted by over 55,000 global businesses

GoCardless is used by over 55,000 businesses around the world, including global businesses like DocuSign, SurveyMonkey, Deputy, Siteminder and AON.

Take the bite out of failed payments

Speak with a payments expert to learn how GoCardless can help reduce failed payments and transform your payments strategy.