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Get to know us

Our team is filled with people who are hugely passionate about delivering a world class experience to our customers.


Customer Success Manager

Building relationships is integral to how we do customer success here at GoCardless, and Marios is no exception to this. He works closely with our Corporate customers to ensure GoCardless is aligned with their objectives and that we’re both working towards the same goals. He provides regular industry insights to key stakeholders, advises on best practice, and ensures their payment strategies are fully optimised so they can derive maximum value from our product in both the short and long-term.

"Success means different things to different people. As a CSM, it's my job to uncover what your company's version of success looks like, to ensure that we're both focused on the right things to be able to drive positive outcomes. This ultimately enables you to see the return on your investment sooner."


Global Implementation Manager

Working alongside our customers in the early stages of their GoCardless journey, Jacqueline is on hand to ensure the set up process is as simple and straightforward as possible. Whether advising on how best to integrate GoCardless into existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition of existing clients, getting regulatory approval for custom experience components, or training new users on the product, as an onboarding specialist Jacqueline will make sure you're putting your best foot forward as you begin your journey with us.

"My aim is for every customer to complete their onboarding thinking this was the easiest payment solution they've ever implemented and that GoCardless is solving problems they never even knew they had!"


Customer Support Advocate

Wajeeha works on the frontline of our customer support team and thrives on helping our customers get their queries resolved and back to business as quickly as possible. Her drive to stay up-to-date on our product and processes is second to none, and when she’s not helping our customers resolve any issues they face, she’s helping newer team members get up to speed or helping to create new training material for both our customers and other members of our team.

"I love what I do, helping our customers and knowing the support we provide has a genuine impact on their business always puts a smile on my face. I'm here to ensure our customers get help on time, every time!"


Partner Support Specialist

Partners are an integral part of our GoCardless ecosystem and the softwares they provide deliver real value to their users by providing tools and services that cater to specific business needs. With the intricacies and nuances that connected partner integrations can include, a help in the right direction is sometimes needed, and Amy is here to help get you back on track as quickly as possible. When she’s not helping our customers with their queries, Amy can be found training our team on partner softwares, implementing new support processes to improve efficiencies and experience, and making sure our team have everything they need to maintain the high service standards we hold ourselves to.

"I want every customer to have a great experience when coming to us for support, and I love being able to show how GoCardless can work really well for businesses of all types when connected to different partner softwares... especially when they reach that 'Aha!' moment and it all makes sense!"


Account Enablement Manager

Steph is an expert in using GoCardless and, through the range of enablement services we offer, helps our customers get the most from our product and accelerate their success. Our most popular of these services is our payment health check, where Steph conducts a comprehensive review of your account setup and processes and follows up with a set of actionable recommendations that you can use to maximise the benefits of using GoCardless.

"My mission is to help our customers use GoCardless to its fullest, in the best way for their business, so that it just works for them, hassle free."

Support and Services

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We want to ensure every customer has access to the support they need to maximise the value they get from GoCardless. We offer a range of support plans and services so that you can choose what's right for you and your business.

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