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2 min readAccountants

Cash Basis Accounting vs. Accrual Basis

Accrual basis accounting vs. cash basis accounting is all about timing.

2 min readAccountants

What is the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI)?

Get the inside track on the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) with our easy guide

2 min readAccountants

What does dunning mean in Accounting?

Dunning refers to the process of asking customers for money they owe you.

3 min readFinance

What are intangible assets?

Intangible assets are non-physical items that offer long-term value.

3 min readAccountants

Straight Line Depreciation: Which method of depreciation should you be using?

Companies use several different depreciation methods to calculate depreciation.

2 min readGoCardless

TeamUp + GoCardless: Now available in the US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand

Fitness business owners in North America and ANZ can now make use of both apps.

2 min readSaaS

The importance of COGS for SaaS businesses

COGS refers to the direct costs of selling and delivering your products.

2 min readAccountants

Understanding Amortization in Accounting

Explore the definition of amortization in accounting, right here.

3 min readSaaS

Predictive Analytics for SaaS Businesses

Predictive analytics uses data to predict the likelihood of future outcomes.

2 min readGrowth

What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence enables organizations to make data-led decisions.

3 min readAccountants

How to calculate life cycle costing

Life cycle costing helps you understand the total cost of a product or asset.

3 min readGrowth

What is conversion rate optimisation?

Conversion rate optimization can improve the effectiveness of your site.

3 min readFinance

How does EBITDA help with financial management?

EBITDA is used to measure the financial health and stability of your business.

3 min readGrowth

Effective inventory management strategies

Right stock, right place, right time – explore inventory management, right here.

2 min readInvoicing

Invoice discounting vs. factoring: what’s the best invoice finance option?

Learn about invoice factoring and invoice discounting in greater depth.

2 min readAccountants

What is a chart of accounts & is it important?

A chart of accounts is a complete listing of your company’s financial accounts.

2 min readEnterprise

What is enterprise value & how do you calculate it?

Enterprise value is the measurement of a company’s total value.

3 min readInvoicing

What Is DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)?

The days sales outstanding formula can help improve payment collection times.

2 min readRegulations

What is Nacha? Everything You Need to Know

Understanding the Nacha operating rules is important for managing ACH payments.

3 min readInvoicing

A Guide to Invoice Financing vs. Factoring

Everything you need to know about invoice financing vs. factoring.

2 min readAccountants

Deferred Revenue: Definition & Examples

Deferred revenue refers to payments for goods that haven’t been delivered yet.

3 min readAccountants

What is total contract value (TCV)?

Total contract value refers to the total value of a contract, including fees.

3 min readRetention

What is customer attrition and how do you reduce it?

Customer attrition refers to the loss of customers by a business.

7 min readPayments

How to talk to your customers about paying by ACH debit

What to say when introducing ACH debit to your customers

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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