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Payer preference

[Report] Global payment preferences for recurring B2B purchases

Payment preference matters.

The payment methods businesses offer their customers don’t always align with how their customers want to pay.

We partnered with YouGov to survey 4,990 businesses on how they prefer to pay.

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[Report] Global payment preferences for recurring B2B purchases
[Report] Global payment preferences for recurring B2B purchases

Key takeaways:

Corporate cards continue to dominate North America

Bank debit is the preferred way to pay in the UK, Spain and Denmark

B2B SaaS companies should offer bank debit as their next payment method

What you’ll learn
What you’ll learn

What you’ll learn

  • How B2B payment preference differs by country

  • Why a one-size-fits-all approach to payment methods is a risky

  • Why digital wallets shouldn’t be the default second option

  • How businesses that offer multiple payment methods grow their revenue faster

  • Which methods are likely to convert your prospects into long-term, paying customers.

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Benefits of payer choice

Boost Conversions

Businesses that offer more payment methods get results. Businesses offering 5+ payment methods grew 4% faster than those offering 1-3 payment methods.

Retain customers

By addressing consumer payment preferences, you can minimize payment failures and retain your customers for longer.

Improve brand credibility

Providing a payment method that is specifically available and preferred in a country, promotes trust in your brand and in your legitimacy as a business with potential customers.


Leverage payer preferences to your advantage

Speak with a payment expert to learn how you can optimize your payments strategy.