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Top five SaaS payment gateways for your business

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Offering an array of different pricing plans, payment schedules, and add-ons, SaaS businesses need a payment gateway with plenty of flexibility. It’s also important to choose an SaaS payment gateway that caters to your demographic’s chosen preferences. While some customers prefer to pay by card each month, others prefer the convenience of automated recurring billing. Keeping that in mind, here are our top five choices when it comes to the best payment gateway for SaaS.

1. GoCardless

Naturally, we’ll start this list with GoCardless. Although it’s not a traditional payment gateway in that it doesn’t take card payments, GoCardless is perfect for processing ongoing subscription or SaaS payments. GoCardless offers an ideal SaaS payment solution with its ability to collect both one-off and recurring payments from customers. You stay in control over payment timings and amounts with full authorisation from your customers. This reduces late payments, decreases churn, and improves overall cash flow.

GoCardless is also easy to integrate into your website with high converting payment pages and custom options. It works with over 300 partners, including major invoicing software like Xero to track and reconcile payments.

2. Chargebee

The second choice on our list of the best payment gateways for SaaS businesses is Chargebee. Like GoCardless, it’s not strictly a payment gateway on its own, but this subscription management software integrates not only with GoCardless but also additional providers like Stripe and PayPal. This means you can give your SaaS customers a wide selection of payment methods at checkout for plenty of choice.

Apart from the flexibility when it comes to payment methods, Chargebee also stands out for its custom pricing plans and ready-made billing templates. It also offers CRM integrations, analytics, and tax management features catering specifically to SaaS businesses.

3. Recurly

Recurly works in a similar fashion to Chargebee, integrating with a variety of different payment gateways for plenty of flexibility. This subscription management system is a top pick for SaaS businesses with its different billing models. You can try out usage-based pricing, tiered pricing, and hybrid models to find the best fit for your business and customers.

Apart from its flexibility and integrations, Recurly stands out for its reporting and subscription management features. It’s a good choice if you already have a merchant account and payment gateway but want to add SaaS subscription pricing models to your existing services.

4. Chargify

Chargify is specifically designed for B2B SaaS businesses, and its generous support features help start-ups transform and grow over time. If you want to play around with pricing plans, Chargify offers lots of flexibility to test out your options and get it just right. It focuses on making your customers happy throughout the lifecycle, with customer retention tools and data reporting.

One standout feature of Chargify is the fact that it works with start-ups who have multiple products and customer bases on offer. You can keep your billing systems organised even for a variety of different subscription and SaaS services, all from a single platform.

5. Zuora

Finally, Zuora is another subscription billing service designed for SaaS companies. It focuses on offering ways for your business to grow and thrive, with a variety of pricing models to choose from and detailed data analysis. A slick point-and-click interface makes it user-friendly, without any need for coding. You can automate the full billing cycle from invoicing up until revenue recognition, collecting payments automatically from customers.

GoCardless works seamlessly with all the other four payment solutions on this list. That means your SaaS business can reap the benefit of subscription management features alongside the convenience of automated payment collection.

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