GoCardless for Recurly

Global expansion is a corridor to new subscriber acquisition and revenue growth. To turbocharge that growth, Recurly provides you with a robust, localised subscription billing solution. GoCardless and Recurly enable your business to offer the most popular payment methods that global and domestic customers prefer.

Improve acquisition and conversion

Ensuring the preferred payment method is available can help drive more conversion.

Lower failure rates and reduced churn

Direct debit has much lower failure rates than cards - often up to 4x lower on average.

Expand globally

Offer payment methods relevant to each country with no hidden fees and hassle-free setup.


Set up the GoCardless payment gateway in Recurly

Navigate to ‘Add Gateway’ page, and select ‘GoCardless’ gateway. (This selection will need to be enabled by Support).


Apply for a GoCardless merchant account

Apply for a GoCardless merchant account, and complete the necessary onboarding and approval steps. Merchants should not process transactions until your account with GoCardless is fully approved. Merchants can also add credentials for an existing merchant account.


Enable the GoCardless gateway

Once added, the GoCardless gateway will appear in your gateway list.

Connect today, take payments right away

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GoCardless is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom as an Authorised Payment Institution to collect payments across Europe.